Thursday, 11 August 2011

Welcome to Peach Falls

Gwen Bingling has a normal life. She has an after-school job and lives with her dad. Her best friend, Jeffrey, lives right next door. She's an eighth grader. She avoids, at all costs, the school bullies, Jamison Ralph and Andrew Amero.

But one year, a new boy named Troy West moves into town. After making the whole school happy by standing up to Andrew Amero, Troy decides that it's pretty much his school. Gwen's friends don't know what to think about him.

One thing happens after another, Troy breaks her heart, thinks get a little smokier, and she accidentally bumps into somebody who's either the nicest guy in the world, or the biggest junkie in the school.

Welcome home.

Age Recommendation: Ages 10 and up.

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GwyMaLaur said...

haha my names gwyn ;)